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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the general requirements for staying on campus? -

New students must meet full admission requirements to stay on campus.  They must register and maintain at least 12 semester hours.  Students who have attempted 0-31 hours must have a 1.50 GPA and students who have attempted 32 or more hours must have a 2.00 GPA to live in campus housing.

How do I apply for housing? +
When should I apply for campus housing? +
Is my housing deposit refundable if I choose not to stay on campus? +
What if I get placed on a wait list? +
If I decide to sit out a semester, do I have to reapply for housing? +
If I am not happy with my roommate, can I change rooms? +
Do residence halls stay open when EMCC is closed? +
Is it possible to live in my room during holidays and semester breaks? +
What furniture is provided in my room? +
Can I hang pictures, mirrors, etc., with nails or screws? +
Who manages the residence halls? +
What happens if my personal property is damaged? +
How do I get a problem in my room repaired? +
What are the expectations of an EMCC residential student? +
Is there a curfew? +

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